[Ubuntu-be] ReleaseActions - Train station actions 21/10/07

snulkid rr at lilit.be
Sun Sep 23 15:24:38 BST 2007

Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007 15:36, Pierre Vorhagen a écrit :
> I am student in Liège and willing to help!

Received loud and clear ;-)

> Anyways, trying to reach the students is a good idea.

Well, apart from the "trains station action", there is an event 
foreseen for that : the Ubuntu event on ULg campus (see Laurent 
Sibilla previous mails). LiLiT (Liege LUG) has been asked to be in 
charge of the LIP part : preparing it (room, servers, computers) is 
OK and we have members working on the ULg campus. But our members 
have a big problem being available for a working day event (even on 
So, Pierre, could you "hunt" for volunteers among your fellow 
students ?

Since we don't know the date yet, may I create the page
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ReleaseParty/Gutsy/Liege2007 to 
write things down ?

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