[Ubuntu-be] ReleaseActions - Train station actions 21/10/07

Pierre Vorhagen pvorhagen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 14:36:03 BST 2007


I am student in Liège and willing to help! But I really don't know if
it will be possible setting up a projector on the construction site
that is the Guillemins train station :)
Finding an agreemennt with the TEC can be a good option though, as
most (all?) people leaving the station go past the bus station too...

Anyways, trying to reach the students is a good idea.

2007/9/23, snulkid <rr at lilit.be>:
> Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007 12:17, François Cauwe a écrit:
> > Leuven contains more than 600 students. The idea would be to (1)
> > come with a projector, and project a presentation or a ubuntu
> > desktop on a wall or screen at the exit.
> The new Liège Guillemins underground is full of space and wonderful
> (sort of JFK airport TWA terminal...) but you'll have to wait 1 more
> year or 2 to get access to it ;-))
> > Do you need a authorisation to redistribute flyers on the public
> > road? I think you have to write in on it "Niet op de openbare weg
> > gooien." (Don't throw on the public road).
> For the "Fête de l'internet 2005", our LUG wanted to get max.
> visibility by using a room or booth in the very center of Liege
> (place Cathédrale : see
> http://lilit.be/photos.php?gal=fete-internet). It turned out to be an
> administrative nightmare : you have to ask (and maybe to pay taxes) to
> the City council, with a 3 months delay(!), to be allowed to have a
> booth, to distribute flyers, to be clothed as a pinguin, to put
> advertising posters on a window facing the street, to put a network
> cable passing even a pedestrian street, etc. Finally, we made an
> agreement with the "Médiathèque" asbl and the TEC (to use their bus
> stop) because they already had the needed authorisations.
> So, as Cédric said and even if things cannot be worse than in Liege,
> be careful !
> Greetings
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> snulkid
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