[Ubuntu-be] ReleaseActions - Train station actions 21/10/07

Cedric Janssens decirc at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 13:57:18 BST 2007

What about the autorisation needed by the SNCB?


2007/9/23, François Cauwe <francois at cauwe.org>:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm playing around with the following idea:
> Ubuntu needs to gain more visibility in Belgium. And it's important that
> people hear a couple of time of Ubuntu before they actually try it.
> Therefore, the 6 mouth release is ideal to do a "larger scale" action
> around Ubuntu.
> I'm proposing the following "Train station actions" :
> During the Sunday evening there is a massive flow of students that pass
> through the train stations of Belgian student city's. It wouldn't be a
> big effort to do an action there, compared to the number of people we
> can reach. Eg. A train coming from Brussels to Leuven contains more than
> 600 students. The idea would be to (1) come with a projector, and
> project a presentation or a ubuntu desktop on a wall or screen at the
> exit. (2) Flyer at the exit of the train station.
> But if you have other idea's; please say!
> I'm proposing myself to coordinating this for Leuven, but I would
> welcome everybody to do the same for other city's like Ghent,
> Brussels, ...
> I created a wiki page, feel free to add your name and ideas!
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ReleaseActions
> Can someone post this on the forums? Thanks!
> François Cauwe
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