[Ubuntu-be] Sell vista for Ubuntu-be.org?

François Cauwe francois at cauwe.org
Sun Sep 23 11:27:23 BST 2007

Hi everybody!

A while ago I received a "Vista Ultimate" and "office ultimate" from
Microsoft, and I promised to test it. But because My laptop has only 512
MB of ram, which is more than enough for me, but not for vista, I had to
tested vista on my mothers new laptop with vista pre-installed, before
removing it to put windows XP on it.

But I still have the sealed "Windows vista ultimate box", and I plan it
to sell it on ebay and give the profit to ubuntu-be.org under the
action: "I have vista, but I can't use it. Luckily I can do all the same
with Ubuntu!"

What do you think of it? Do you have any ideas? 


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