[Ubuntu-be] status update: fairs, release parties, posters, meeting

Mark Van den Borre mark at markvdb.be
Sun Sep 16 20:53:26 BST 2007

Hi all,

(A previous attempt to send the following message mysteriously failed
a few days ago...)

A short update on upcoming ubuntu-be.org activities.
* computer fairs
* gutsy release parties: Hasselt, Brussels, Liège(?), Roeselare(?)
* posters
* meeting

Ubuntu-be.org fair booths until christmas. If you want to volunteer, please
contact the people responsible thorugh this list and/or directly:
* Antwerpen, 2007/09/09, sporthal Schijnpoort, Pieter Verledens,
Stijn, logistics: Mark Van den Borre
* Gent, 2007/09/16, ICC, Dieter Vanderfaeillie, (logistics: Mark Van den Bor=
* Charleroi, 30 september 2007 Palais des Expo, Cedric Janssens
* Kortrijk, 14 oktober 2007 Bouwcentrum Pottelberg, Jan Claeys
* Luik, 21 oktober 2007 Halles des Foires, Alexandre Laurent? (to be
* Oostende, 28 oktober 2007 Media Center, Jan Claeys
* Antwerpen, 11 november 2007 Sporthal Schijnpoort, <candidate with
car needed)
* Gent, 25 november 2007 Flanders Expo, Dieter Vanderfaeillie
* Genk, 2 december 2007 Limburghal, Bart Broeckx? (to be confirmed)
* Mechelen, 9 december 2007 Nekkerhal, you? please contact mark
* Namur, 16 december 2007 Namur Expo, <contact Cedric Janssens>

Two seem to be well on their way (Hasselt & Brussels), with two other
ones in the pipeline (Liège & Roeselare). See also:

I am trying to find a 500 to 1000 € printing & shipping budget for
promo materials. Polyvalent posters in particular could be put to very good use.

Some potential uses:
* promotion of ubuntu-be.org activities
* at ubuntu-be.org activities
* school and other non-profit requests: We regularly receive requests
for promo materials, and up until now we have had to disappoint them.

Sponsorship offers welcome. Please contact mark op markvdb.be .

Do you know of laptops with at least 256 Mb ram laying around
somewhere unused? Ubuntu-be.org could put them to _really_ good use
for local event boxes. Laptops make event boxes portable. A huge
advantage, as many volunteers have no car at their disposal.

Our budget for this is non-existent, but our cause is noble...

See also:

We need a meeting soon. Stay tuned for more news on this one.


Mark Van den Borre
ubuntu-be.org volunteer & coordinator

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