[Ubuntu-be] garmin&gps

Marc marcsje at fulladsl.be
Tue Sep 11 20:45:45 BST 2007

Nicolas Pettiaux schreef:
> Exact, but one of the issue, is that in Belgium for example, most of
> the maps and datas are collected by the National Geographic Institute
> (a former miltary department, now civil but still heavily connected to
> the army) and they are paid by our taxes money. They charge for their
> data, and sell the to private people as well as companies who
> sometimes resell them.
> Why pay multiple times for these data of IGN ? In the US for example,
> data collected with public money become public.
> THe proble is the same in many European countries as in Belgium

Thats why I say: lets privatise the IGN/NGI, they 'll learn something if 
they don't share their data.

I have posted an article about the Bus company DeLijn.be/TEC that should 
make their data public, so that hobbyists could walk with their GPS over 
the Kemmelberg/Profondeville and would be able to say: "hey, it's only 
30 minutes walking to the next bus stop, let's have a beer at the Camp 
site near the RTBF antenna, this camp site is owned by some Dutch people 

Same for the NMBS, but they do not provide beer either ;-)


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