[Ubuntu-be] [Fwd: Gutsy Release Parties]

Laurent Sibilla lsibilla at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 23:13:17 BST 2007

snulkid a écrit :
> Hello
> Le lundi 3 septembre 2007 16:03, Julien Willem a écrit :
>> Donc, le but, comme vous l'avez compris, est d'organiser un
>> événement international (France, Belgique, ..)
>> Comme indiqué sur le site http://www.ubuntu-party.org/, il est
>> prévu de faire ça le 3 et le 4 novembre (pour avoir les CD et avoir
>> le temps de se faire à Gutsy :-). (...)
>> pourquoi ne pas proposer à Ubuntu-nl une collaboration également ?
>> Pareil avec Ubuntu-de. On peut faire de cet évènement francophone
>> international  un évènement international multilingue.
>> Au niveau francophone, nous avions pensé à Liège et Bruxelles. (...)
>> Je veux également insister sur le fait que Ubuntu-fr est prêt à
>> nous aider pour l'organisation. (...)
> Le jeudi 6 septembre 2007 17:22, Laurent Sibilla a écrit :
>>>     It should be the day of the release, the 18th of October (I
>>> hope Gutsy to not be delayed :) ).
>>> 18/10/2007 is close, but with the beta and all the updates you'll
>>> have a good idea of the distro when it is released.
>>> I don't think there will be much changed if the official release
>>> is delayed.
>> I think so :). Instead of the Ship-it we are willing to provide
>> printed CDs with Ubuntu, LiLit and N-HiTec logos
> First things first : are commitments already done for October 18th or 
> are we going to follow Julien's suggestion ? I would like to know 
> asap so that we can call for volunteers among LiLiT members. Note 
> that November 3-4th is a WE : on one hand students will not be already 
> on the campus and some will be back home, far from Liege. On the 
> other hand, it will be easier to get rooms, volunteers (at least from 
> our side) and the party could become a Saturday Night Ubunty party 
> (in the hell of Liege downtown or... anyone connected with the 
> Millenium ? ;-P)
> Laurent, it's up to you. Keep us informed.
> Regards


As lilit already know (I heard it yesterday), there is Unifestival the
same day.

So we will change this date and communicate the new one asap.

W-E it's not really a good idea... mainly because we want students to come.

Would it be easy for you to get volunteers if we do it on friday night ?

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