[Ubuntu-be] [Fwd: Gutsy Release Parties]

Marc marcsje at fulladsl.be
Mon Sep 3 11:44:55 BST 2007

Bruno De Bondt schreef:
> Hi all,
> Indymedia.be would like to host (or help organising) a release party in
> Brussels again. It would be of course possible to have the party at our
> place (Haachtstesteenweg, near the Botanique), but we would be happy to
> help organising an event at another location (note that our office is
> easy to reach by public transport, we have space enough, etc).

I have a location here in Vleteren, that can be used.

It is very close to ... sint sixtus . be, the "beer" brewers ... ;-)

It is an old school, I suppose that even people would be able to sleep 
in the several rooms/classes of the (partly unused) complex ...

For the moment I installed 3 computers with XFCE4 and fluxbox, 100, 166 
and, yeah, 200 Mhz Pentiums...
I choose for netbsd, debian and xubuntu ...
96Mb is enough, although I'm still searching 16/32Mb simms ..  (only 2 
comps can run due to lack of memory ;-)


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