[Ubuntu-be] choosing an ISP in Belgium

Michel Daggelinckx 03taxi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 08:17:57 GMT 2007

Pierre Lison wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm Pierre Lison, a long time Ubuntu user now living in Germany, but
> originally from Belgium.  The computer I'm using right now is becoming
> quite old, and I'd like to buy a new one and give the "old" to my
> grandmother, who would like to have a basic computer so that she can
> communicate by email with her grandsons, use text processors to write
> letters, surf on the internet, etc. 
> I'm convinced that Linux distros such as Ubuntu are now intuitive and
> user-friendly enough to be used by people with few or no technical
> knowledge like my grand-mother, so, if everything goes well, Ubuntu will
> be - or rather, stay - the standard installed OS on the machine.
> Obviously, I'll need to setup an internet connection for her.  Something
> cheap (she'll be online only a few hours per week or month, and doesn't
> need a fast connection) and above all, running "out of the box".  
> Now here's my question: according to you, which belgian ISP - and more
> specifically, which of their commercial offers - should I choose?  I
> need to choose an ISP for whom I can be sure that the hardware will be
> 100% compatible with Ubuntu (automatic recognition by NetworkManager an
> all)  I've heard about the Belgacom ADSL offer, but is the Thomsom
> modems included in their "internet pack" working under Ubuntu?  
> Would you be kind enough to give me some advices on this question?
> Thanks a lot!  
> Pierre
> PS: you can answer me in English, French, Dutch, or German, as you
> prefer.
telenet works perfect.
any adsl solution will work if you use a router along as your network
card is supported

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