[Ubuntu-be] choosing an ISP in Belgium

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Sat Nov 24 20:19:15 GMT 2007

Op zaterdag 24-11-2007 om 19:34 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Pierre
> Now here's my question: according to you, which belgian ISP - and more
> specifically, which of their commercial offers - should I choose?  I
> need to choose an ISP for whom I can be sure that the hardware will be
> 100% compatible with Ubuntu (automatic recognition by NetworkManager
> an all)  I've heard about the Belgacom ADSL offer, but is the Thomsom
> modems included in their "internet pack" working under Ubuntu?  

To be sure, use anything that connects to the PC using ethernet or wifi.

Most "pure" ADSL modems use some form of PPP and some might need a
driver (e.g. USB modems), which is at least more complex to set up.
ADSL routers don't have this issue (and might add some "security").

Also, make sure to take an ISP offer that includes enough traffic.
E.g. Telenet BasicNet includes only 400 MiB of traffic per month, which
might become a problem if there are several security updates for large
packages like OOo...

Jan Claeys

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