[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu stand at FOSDEM

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Sat Nov 17 22:18:45 GMT 2007

Op vrijdag 16-11-2007 om 05:39 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Jan Claeys:
> FOSDEM will happen again in February 2008, so I think we want a stand
> again, like last year?
> <http://fosdem.org/2008/call_for_devrooms>
> Who wants to help?
> What are we going to do?
> I'd like to demonstrate some cool things this time...  ;-)

They request from us the following info:

      * Project name
      * URL of the website of the project
      * Description of the project(s) (will be put on website when

Should this be Ubuntu BE or Ubuntu or both?

      * Name of stand responsible and your role in the project

I can be that, but if someone else wants to do it that's okay too.

      * A short description of the activities you plan to do on your
        stand (demoing applications, handing out information or
        media, ...)
      * Whether you would like 2 tables in stead of one, your motivation
        for the second one.

So, we need to know at least partially what we want to do at the stand.
Demoing applications and handing out information seems obvious, but what
else are we going to do?  E.g. can someone demo LTSP, multiseat, OEM
install, etc.? [1]

I think we should also make a presentation about what we do as a
LoCoTeam, especially promotion etc.?

I think we had 2 tables last year, and it was often "full" in front of
them, so I think we can use 2 tables again this year?

Christophe, do you know how much info is required now, to get a stand?

[1] BTW: I can also bring an old projection screen, if someone has an
LCD-projector and can bring it.  If we want to use it of course...

Jan Claeys

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