[Ubuntu-be] GRP in Liege

Christophe Vandeplas christophe at vandeplas.com
Sun Nov 4 10:41:01 GMT 2007

Pierre Vorhagen wrote:
> You are most certainly right. It is that I have never really had an occasion 
> to completely "convert" someone older than 30 to Linux... I don't have a lot 
> of experiences with elderly people willing to accept changes, so once they're 
> actually used to an OS and have their little habits. Last time I accidentally 
> changed something, the welcome screen in Windows XP, the person called me all 
> panicked and insisted on having it back as it was... Don't even speak of 
> changing the OS :-) Yet now that I think about it, I should try and take the 
> time to explain Linux calmly to him...

That's usually the _very difficult_ part.
The easiest is to let them try it before they are accustomed to something
else (being Mac, Windows, BSD ... )

People don't want change if they like what they use.
If they bother about what they use, then there is a chance of 'selling'
our thing. Because *they asked for change* .

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