[Ubuntu-be] about ubuntu-be CD's

Benjamin Sion ubuntu at sioben.net
Tue Mar 27 11:42:02 BST 2007

hello all,

(sorry for silent since Fosdem, I was abroad + overbusy with work)

about our project to press customized and localized CD's...
I told @ FOSDEM2007 that I have some experience and good suppliers in
this domain :-) So... some information: 

1.- Normal prices
2.- Special/cheaper prices (?)
3.- Questions/Need some help!

1.- Normal prices
  - for 2000 CD's (quantity needed we all estimate at Fosdem...)
  - with Glassmaster/CD full quadricolor/booklet+inlay/box/cellophane.

* My supplier "1": 0,84 €/CD VAT excluded -> 1680 € (total)
                   0,55 €/CD (without box/booklet/cellophane) ->  1100 €

* My supplier "2": 0,684 €/CD VAT excluded -> 1368 €
                   0,48 €/CD (without box/booklet/cellophane) ->  960 €

+Don't forget to add 21% to final price for VAT (TVA/BTW).
+In both cases: we have to pay 50% before / 50% after (removal).
+Instead of jewel boxes, we can ask CD paper sleeves (0,15€/CD).

2.- Special prices B-)

As a customer, I talked by phone to these suppliers and asked about a
"special price" or a kind of "support/self-promotion" for pressing
Ubuntu CD's: no answers by phone, but they both told me 'Okay' to meet
and talk about this. No guarantee to have cheaper prices but I can try.

3.- Questions/Help

CD suppliers both ask me to explain the project and why they have to
make it cheaper OR give some self-sponsoring (if they put their logo on
CD by example): Can you help me to find the *good sentences to explain*
Ubuntu project when I'll have to meet? Thank you for your help...

About sponsoring: Mark VDB, can you confirm what you said at Fosdem?
- is Canonical OK with factory pressed (not burned) CD's + use of Ubuntu
- is Canonical OK with sponsoring (local companies logos on Ubuntu
CD's)? We'll probably need a wrote authorization or what? ...

Not sure to be @ e-meeting this Thursday, but could be nice to include a
"sponsoring" talk in agenda?


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