[Ubuntu-be] your opinion please: Alexandre Laurent for bank account?

Snulkid rr at lilit.be
Tue Mar 20 05:02:24 GMT 2007


> > Alexandre Laurent is now the candidate (...)

I have no objections (and don't feel entitled to vote anyway) but could 
you show us what Alexandre looks like (some Fosdem pic ?) ?

Le Lundi 19 Mars 2007 23:02, Laurent RICHARD a écrit :
> Centea : nearly all independant => Better check elsewhere.

My local independant bank switched from Centea to Recordbank 
(http://www.recordbank.be) a year ago. Now I have an almost free 
account with free access to all ING cash machines.
I don't know Keytrade but do they offer access to widely spread cash 
machines without extra fees (or maybe that is not important) ?

P.S. better a "militant flemish management" than a "typical Walloon 
management" for the sake of (y)our money... (just kidding)
Liégeois, ne laissez pas défigurer votre centre-ville!!

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