[Ubuntu-be] Website layout

Luc Stroobant ubuntu at stroobant.be
Wed Jun 27 20:45:55 BST 2007

Pierre Buyle wrote:
> Nice.
> Do you have any pointers for useful information on
>  - fetching Drupal profiles from the outside (a PHP script not running
> inside Drupal)
>  - integrating new behavior and content type (the map, but also
> computer shops information with ACL, etc.)
> Obviously, this is to get an idea on what could be done to integrate a
> Drupal driven community site with a custom map application like ours.

I would migrate your data into Drupal and use the Drupal gmap modules. 
It's not that complicated to setup a Google map with Drupal.
Setting up all the xmlrpc stuff and maintaining your own code for the 
profiles will be much more complicated in the long run.

For lists of shops and other custom content: CCK!


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