[Ubuntu-be] When a logo is difficult to come up with

Serge van Ginderachter serge at vanginderachter.be
Sat Jun 23 22:47:32 BST 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-23 at 23:28 +0200, philippe wrote:
> Le samedi 23 juin 2007 à 22:16 +0200, Kevin Van Wilder a écrit :
> > The Microsoft Alumni network has a very interesting logo. Do check
> > this
> > out and  tell me if you notice something odd: http://msanet.org/ 
> incredible.
> have they  stolen the idea of the logo (with a kind of triskell
> inside) AND the colours?

You might want to check facts befor ejumoing to conclusions.


So it's not that recent. Of course Ubuntu was longer around, 


But I'm not sure it was that famous you could determine who stole from
who. To be honest, I doubt the one knew about the other.

Playing the devil's advocate, but better that, than FUD the other way
around ;-)


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