[Ubuntu-be] [eventbox] hardware to donate

Roel Huybrechts roelhuybrechts at skynet.be
Mon Aug 27 16:16:57 BST 2007

On Sat, 2007-08-04 at 13:43 +0200, Roel Huybrechts wrote: 
> Hi fellow Ubuntero's
> I don't know the actual status of the eventbox, but I've some hardware
> to donate. It's actually quite old stuff, but it might be usefull.
> It's a full computer set consisting of CPU, (small, I think 15")
> monitor, keyboard and mouse. Hardware specs are attached and so are two
> pictures. The main 'problem' is the small amount of RAM (64mb), the rest
> of hardware should be good enough to run Ubuntu. [I installed Ubuntu on
> it, which runs fine, just *very* slow]
> If the machine can't be used (which I think will not be the case :p),
> I'd rather give it to a 'kringloopwinkel' than it sits in someone's
> garage.
> Have a nice sunny day,
> Roel

The pc mentioned will be donated to a school in Vleteren, since a
Pentium 3 is good enough to do basic computer tasks like word processing
and so on; but is insufficient to demo all of the power of a modern
Linux desktop system including compositing desktop etc.
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