[Ubuntu-be] getting CD's from shipit.ubuntu.com

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Mon Aug 13 18:10:34 BST 2007

Op maandag 06-08-2007 om 12:58 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Michel
> What is wrong with the 64bit cd's?  I'm using them a year now and I
> have never had any complaigns about them, ok, it's a bit more dificult
> to get wine and flash or things like that, but it works fine for
> me... 

Currently it's impossible for ordinary users as well as corporate users
to use the 64-bit version for their daily tasksn, mostly due to the
problems when browsing (Flash & Java plugins).  Installing your own
version of Firefox is not a solution, as it means you lose security
updates & integration of the gecko-engine in other applications.

If it works for yourself, that's okay, but for new and/or inexperienced
users or for companies that want to use supported software, the 64-bit
version is not really appropriate.

Of course, when you want to set up a server on an x86_64 system, or when
you want to set up a workstation that needs a lot of memory (e.g. video
editing), the 64-bit version is often the way to go.

Jan Claeys

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