[Ubuntu-be] ComputerFairs

luc.arits luc.arits at skynet.be
Wed Sep 27 20:13:49 BST 2006

I proposed to be a participant at some computerfairs in Antwerp and
Berchem, somewhere in July
Here is an update because of changed agenda's:

    * For Antwerp: the weekend of 7 and 8 oktober 2006. It will be for
      saturday the 7th oktober , because I have to work at the elections.

    * For Berchem: 11 and 12 november. I can't come, neither of the two
      days, because I have other engagements (mother in law booked me a
      long time ago but I had forgotten about it)

    * For Antwerp: 24 februari 2007: OK

Luc Arits

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