[Ubuntu-be] FTP - Mail and SMTP

Ivan Flo Ivan at hetmosterdzaadje.be
Tue Sep 26 13:10:21 BST 2006


As I am a newbe (or wannabe if you prefer). I installed my first Ubuntu.
Everthing works perfectly. And some more questions rise...

Now I'm running an Win2003 + exchange server.

I want to setup an mail server (send&recieve) However there is not much
documentation in Dutch. 
On the other hand, I installed a FTP server. I can connect, but the
system asks for User and password.
Using root or oem with the correct password on localhost (or on another
machine winxp) the server provides me "500 chield died".

Could sombody provide me some help?
1. Somving the FTP problem
2. Make a connection with evolution to Exchange 2003
3. Installing mail-server (for a later migration)

One step at the time ....

If  I'm using this mailinglist not in the proper way, please accept my



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