[Ubuntu-be] ubuntu demo at VRT computer club thu 28/09

Cedric Janssens cedric.janssens at ubuntu-be.org
Mon Sep 25 23:16:12 BST 2006

For people in Namur Area, the son of my sister follows curses at ENAC in Namur.
So Mongolito, for instance, it could be a drop point in preparation of
Liege expo.


2006/9/25, François Schoubben <fsc at info.fundp.ac.be>:
> Mark Van den Borre a écrit :
> > 2006/9/25, Cedric Janssens <cedric.janssens at ubuntu-be.org>:
> >> Mark, do you sill have some CD ?
> >> For the DIPRO expo of 22 october in Luik ?
> > No, but I will order more.
> >
> > Mark
> I still have "some" : 33 Ubuntu Intel, 1 Ubuntu PPC, 18 Edubuntu. If I
> have an adress, I can try to make them reach Liege/Luik...
> Generaly, you can contact me directly, but just give me more than 2 or 3
> days to make them reach a place, because, like (i think) almost
> everybody, my planning is in a "stack overflow" situation for now :-)
> (en français, je suis 'hachement charette)...
> I think my brother still have some, but he'll get married in 3 weeks, so
> he must not read all the messages for now... I can contact him if needed.
> BTW, given that I'm writing on the list, I can say that I "converted"
> ~15-20 people those 30 last days :-D, not all the direct way...
> * I organise weeks for 11-17 teenagers, about outdoor and computers, and
> now, for them, using Linux is a "good and easy" thing (mostly all of them);
> * I gave "cours préparatoires" at Namur (Solaris) and they want
> something like that to work (NamurLug, be prepared :-D )
> * I'm giving courses in secondary schools [computer sciences], and i
> reach an interesting amount of people there :-) [yes, I love smiley's ;-)]
> Ha, I'm forgotting... No, I dont give them a cd each, they must share it
> by region :-).
> Mark, I think that another set of CD's will be welcome soon...Especially
> if they are Ubuntu 6.06.1 ...
> I didn't understand, in their message, if the CD's will be free for LoCo
> (I think yes for the first 500, no for the others) or if they'll cost
> 1,5€ per CD, with a min of 100 units...
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2006-September/000476.html
> [Ed]Ubutuly yours,
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> F.
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