[Ubuntu-be] Support CD's

Toni Van Remortel ToniVR at telenet.be
Fri Sep 1 16:33:38 BST 2006

A few days ago, my colleage asked me to install Kubuntu on the laptops
of his kids. Those are from Medion, sold by Aldi a few months ago

I started the install with the shipped Kubuntu 6.06 CD, but the install
never succeeded. I had to disable acpi to get it booted anyway.

So I tried the 6.06.1 CD from the internet, and that went flawlessly.

Good advice to all who have 6.06 CD's : watch out if you distribute
them. They will harm the already fragile image of Linux that deperate
Windows users have.

Toni Van Remortel <ToniVR at telenet.be>

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