[Ubuntu-be] Ostend computer fair report

Snulkid rr at lilit.be
Tue Oct 31 07:16:46 GMT 2006


Le Lundi 30 Octobre 2006 21:59, Jan Claeys a écrit :
> fair where we and he both are.  Nice detail: he sells all his
> computers there with (K)ubuntu pre-installed anyway!

That reminds me of http://www.shscomputer.be/linux.php
(did someone "tried" it ?).
Did you have the opportunity to check these pre-installed computers ?
Do they advertise it on their booth ? How ?

> Afterwards we went to Bruges to have a drink (well, actually, three
> drinks ;-) ) 

Well, that is the difference with us Walloons : François and I had a 
drink in Liege *before* the fair... But no problem, we won't be seen on 
Youtube ;-P
Liégeois, ne laissez pas défigurer votre centre-ville!!

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