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Nicolas Pettiaux a écrit :
> Have you received an official support from the institution to go into
> these very good directions ?

Not really, they don't care. They just don"t want any problem with other
teachers, that's all :) So, all .doc files are still open with Word, not
OOo Writer (yet ;-)).

>> * FireFox on all students machines, on my lessons, IE is banned
>> * Gimp on all students machines, introduction given to my students
>> * NVu on all students machines, lot of usage
>> * OpenOffice on all teacher's computers (not on student's yet, but on it's way)
>> * Math and science teacher invited to use OpenOffice.org + Dmath for their
>> printed notes (syllabus, exams, ...). I made a presentation for that 2 weeks
>> ago
> now (with OOo2.0.4) OOo can export to Latex, so you get at the same time

Really ? I haven't find it yet... Is this within OOo2.0.4 or is it an
extension ? (just 3-4 days before i have time to install edgy).

> 1/ the convience that people thought they knew and considered they had
> with M$ Word with the wysiwig of OOo,
> 2/ the simplicity of dmath to typeset math / science (comparable to
> latex once you know it)
> 3/ the beauty of Latex math / science printing
> now a question:
> 1/ which teachers (what branches) have you addressed ? info, math, physics ... ?

Math, physics and chemistry (4, 5, 6 grade). I added Dscience

> 2/ which percentage of these teachers have you convinced and how ?

I know 3 (at least) have installed it at home. I've put a "customized"
cd of http://www.cdprof.com/ with OOo examples, dico and 2/3 other
program's i don't remember here :-)

To convince them, I showed them the fonctionnalities. The same may
exists with MS-Word, but they don't know it. They're quite "computers
illiterate", they're choosing what "people" are saying... We juste have
to be the first to talk :-)

> Which will tell their own students to go on ?

I don't know yet, it's too early (2 weeks).

>> * 3*1 hour lesson on licences, copyrights, creative-commons, ... last year (to
>> be given again in 1 or 2 month to 3-5 groups)
> to whom ?

5° and 6° "général", I'm trying to convince my "co-teacher" to give it
to the 6 "qualification", but for now, we are in a Comenius Project and
time is too short...
I might give it to 5* "qualification" if I convince another collega.

> Could we have a copy of your slides ?
A bad version is there :

There are still typo... Student finding them win a chocotof :-)

>> * 1 hour presentation of Ubuntu last year (2 students installed it and use only
>> that now), to be given again in december/january
>> * a server to be accepted (hopefully) by the "school-masters" (directors ? ), OS
>> will be linux (Ubuntu normaly)
> for whom ?

Me of course :-D

"Blague à part", firstly for Computer-Science teachers and "resource
people" (who is maintaining hardware). And maybe for math.

My objective is to install
1.  Web server to learn how to publish on the web without finding a free
host for not interesting web pages
2.  wims server (i hope)
3.  software to manage computers like
4.  some free economy software working in server mode, instead of the
"not so expensive" one we have now.

5. later (when new computers from the "region wallonne" will arrive),
test of LTSP with the old computers
6.  wiki to have collaboration with 1 or 2 other math teacher
7. As much as i can :-)

Thinking of that, the bigger problem, not to have Linux computers
everywhere are :
* teachers not knowing "word processing" but MS Word (the same for
excel, access, powerpoint, ...)
* a good _Belgian-fr_ accounting program (they may be exist, but I don't
know them). For now, we are using Bob.

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