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Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be
Wed Oct 25 10:26:04 BST 2006

Have you received an official support from the institution to go into
these very good directions ?

> * FireFox on all students machines, on my lessons, IE is banned
> * Gimp on all students machines, introduction given to my students
> * NVu on all students machines, lot of usage

> * OpenOffice on all teacher's computers (not on student's yet, but on it's way)
> * Math and science teacher invited to use OpenOffice.org + Dmath for their
> printed notes (syllabus, exams, ...). I made a presentation for that 2 weeks
> ago

now (with OOo2.0.4) OOo can export to Latex, so you get at the same time

1/ the convience that people thought they knew and considered they had
with M$ Word with the wysiwig of OOo,
2/ the simplicity of dmath to typeset math / science (comparable to
latex once you know it)
3/ the beauty of Latex math / science printing

now a question:

1/ which teachers (what branches) have you addressed ? info, math, physics ... ?
2/ which percentage of these teachers have you convinced and how ?
Which will tell their own students to go on ?

> * 3*1 hour lesson on licences, copyrights, creative-commons, ... last year (to
> be given again in 1 or 2 month to 3-5 groups)

to whom ?

Could we have a copy of your slides ?

> * 1 hour presentation of Ubuntu last year (2 students installed it and use only
> that now), to be given again in december/january
> * a server to be accepted (hopefully) by the "school-masters" (directors ? ), OS
> will be linux (Ubuntu normaly)

for whom ?

> In education (not school), since 5 years, i make camp during july-augustus
> mixing Outdoor&web site creation [http://www.webevasion.be].
> Linux/Firefox/gimp/nvu/scite is used (some windows, but no
> dreamweaver/photoshop/...). I have 14 laptops in Linux (Debian Sarge/XFCE for
> now, Xubuntu will be tested soon)

congratulation François and thank you very much,


Nicolas Pettiaux - email: nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be

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