[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu Poster

Snulkid rr at lilit.be
Sat Oct 21 11:56:43 BST 2006


Le Samedi 21 Octobre 2006 12:18, Guillaume Desmottes a écrit :
> - Another interesting idea would be to do our own french/dutch
> posters.

Amen : if we want to target the general audience, and when it is not 
just the motto "linux for human beings" , we have to speak their 

> Of course, we'll have to raise funds, find a good printer, ...

Once the poster is available, this will be easy to achieve; LUGs and 
others will probably print and use it anyway.

> Maybe Ubuntu-FR/NL would be interested to do that with us?

Maybe. On the other hand, it would be great to mention ubuntu-be on a 
poster and make the source available (so that Ubuntu-FR/NL could remove 
or modify this mention) to "draw some attention" on ubuntu-be ;-)

My 0.02 EUR
Snulkid (Liege)
Liégeois, ne laissez pas défigurer votre centre-ville!!

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