[Ubuntu-be] Questions on support points / os free shop list website

Toni Van Remortel ToniVR at telenet.be
Mon Oct 16 18:45:00 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 09:39 +0200, mongolito404 wrote:
> Hoi,
> Concerning Javascript, mly feeling is that we may (and probably must)
> use JS to enhance user experience through a better and more reactive
> UI, but that we shoudl also be sure that disabled JS browser may
> access all the info. For instance, it means that a list of supporter
> with localisation must accessible without JS, but it may not be on a
> (google) map.

Currently, I use little JavaScript.
When I do use JavaScript to enhance the interface, it is the default
view that is changed with JavaScript. So when it is disabled, the user
will always see all info.

> As a software developper, I think the best method, is to have clean
> XHTML only UI that works. And then add JS to enhance the UI. The
> continue with the supporter list example, it means that the map and
> the text list could be the same page. If the text list is embedded in
> a div with a know id, a JS enabled borwser could immediadly hide it
> (with a simple JS statement at the very beginning of the XHTML
> document) and initialise a the Google Map in another div (also witha
> know id). Then, if the text list is cleanly defined using XHTML
> semantics (and a bit of microformat), the JS could use the hidden div
> as "data source" to populate the map with markers. If the list/map
> presents a search forms, the default non-Js behaviour could be to
> submit (GET or POST) the form an doing a full refresh, while a JS
> script could modify the form to use AJAX to update the map/list with
> doing a full reload. This way, there is only one server-side and all
> browser depended works is done by the browser.

Dumping both Support list and Google Map on one page is overkill. It
will take too much time and server-power to load it smoothly.
I rather use 2 separate pages, where the Google Map shows nothing for
now when JavaScript is disabled. An option is to add a static screenshot
of the map every x days. But that involves too much manual work.

Anyhow, the update of the development is online.
Toni Van Remortel <ToniVR at telenet.be>

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