[Ubuntu-be] Adriaan Leijnse confirmation.

Adriaan Leijnse lordmyth at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 20:21:04 BST 2006

OK, so I'm coming to the Leuven fair this sunday.
This is what I can bring:
cross cable
personal camera (dunno for sure if my dad'll let me use his, but
there's a chance)
'electricity box' (mains divider? dunno either :) )
mass storage music player - I have an iAudio X5L, 30gigs and 30 hours of play
why do we need that btw?

it has usb otg as well, but i lost the little convertor cable, I guess
we could just use someones laptop if we'd want to store the fotos

So now i have to ask for help on transportation.
I live at the noordstation, so I can take the train to leuven and then
the bus to the brabanthal. But is it possible for someone to drive me
from the station?
Or if someone could drive me from home to leuven, I could bring my
computer with me, it's a gentoo box with fully hardware accelerated
It's np if it's too much trouble though.



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