[Ubuntu-be] linux cursus

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Fri Oct 13 14:27:50 BST 2006

Op vrijdag 13-10-2006 om 14:01 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef adrien:
> http://www.bis.vlaanderen.be/start.html
> The Flemish institute BIS have a linux course. And they used Ubuntu.
> (Worth to try it out? I'm (permanet) novice on Linux).

Aha, I knew somebody was working on it, but didn't know yet that it had
been released already.  I can ask Tilleke whether it's useful for
"permanent novices"...  ;-)

> BTW, what about the suggestion (for generating funds) to make a
> moussepad with the custom Linux character combinations? 

Do you mean compose keys or the additional AltGr+... keys?

BTW: for those who don't know, BIS ("Begeleid Individueel Leren") is the
the Flemish Community home learning institution.  They send you some
course chapters, you study them, do your homework, they correct it and
you get your next course chapter.  And you can also ask additional
questions to the BIS teachers.  (You could call it a "remote school".)

Jan Claeys

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