[Ubuntu-be] Antwerp computer fair report

Mark Van den Borre mvdborre at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 21:20:34 BST 2006

Hi all,

The Antwerp fair was a great success. Some observations and ideas:

* A lot of attention from new and potential users. I had non-stop
attention from 9 to 18h. Had a hard time finding a moment to eat and
drink even.
* Some attention from booth holders selling stuff. Imagine we could go
around with Tux stickers in the morning and point people at compatible
difficult hardware (wifi, scanners, ...).
* A lot of attention from computer club people, asking me to come and
give presentations. 4 or 5 clubs.
* A few people interested in joining us. We need an easy way to pull
them in as ubuntu.be volunteers.
* Quite a bit of attention from existing users, with some people
asking for advice about which hardware to buy.
* I didn't have leaflets ready. I've been writing down our url really
often. Really something we should have. Basic info for users: our site
& how we can help them.


Mark Van den Borre
Mark Van den Borre
Noormannenstraat 113
3000 Leuven, België
+32 486 961726

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