[Ubuntu-be] Edgy release party

Cedric Janssens cedric.janssens at ubuntu-be.org
Sun Oct 8 13:19:25 BST 2006

On 22th October, I'll be In Liege to promote Ubuntu with a prerelease
of Ubuntu Edgy and with some fun things (XGL, GridWars2, ...)


2006/10/8, Jean-Francois BECKERS <free.ouyo at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> The Brussels LUG (BxLug) organise a LCP the 4th sunday of each month
> at Brussels University. For october it's planned to be the 22 ... some
> days before the Official release.
> Maybe this is the opportunity to join both events ?
> A Ubuntu party at the BxLug LCP !
> I'm sure members of the LUG will enjoy this idea. It's also good for
> demonstration of the final-beta during the event, it's stable enough
> for demo and maybe for install.
> What's your opinion ?
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> Jean-Francois BECKERS <free.ouyo at gmail.com>
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