[Ubuntu-be] Antwerp fair

Toni Van Remortel ToniVR at telenet.be
Wed Oct 4 20:33:25 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 21:11 +0200, luc.arits wrote:
> Toni van Remoortel a member of ubuntu-be has contributed some banners,
> with the ubuntu logo, for the Antwerp fair weekend and probably also
> for other events of the ubuntu-be team elseware.
> They are huge..... as in HUGE.

Still not the largest I can plot ;-)

>       * 3x format A0:              ==>
>         http://www.klappei.be/kleiner.jpg
>       * 1x width: over 2 meters    ==>
>         http://www.klappei.be/groot.jpg

2.5 meters in length to be exact.
The maximum length I can plot in color, is 3.5 meters, and 88cm width.
On special request, I can plot on glossy photo paper.

> I would like to thank him in name of the be-comunity 

With pleasure.

I just plotted the Ubuntu logo, which is quite OK as banner.
If somebody has a better idea, just draw it (on paper, in Gimp, in
Inkscape) roughly. I'll create a descent SVG afterwards to plot it.

Regards, and thanks to the fair volunteers for their time!
Toni Van Remortel <ToniVR at telenet.be>

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