[Ubuntu-be] Telenet PCTV ontoegankelijk voor alternatieve browsers en besturingssystemen

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 21:38:14 GMT 2006

Bram Vandoren schreef:
>> Are there any opensource DRM solutions?
> FruityTECH offers Ogg Vorbis encoded songs of some Belgian artists
> <http://www.belgianmusiconline.be/>. They add a watermark to each song
> so they can find you  if you did something bad. Apart from that the
> song should be compatible with open source Ogg Vorbis players
I think that a watermark can avoid DRM when you *buy* media, but not 
when you *rent* media, because when you *rent* something it's for a 
certain amount of time.

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