[Ubuntu-be] Ghent Computer Fair

Adriaan Leijnse lordmyth at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 20:13:23 GMT 2006

Added myself to the list.
Can I bring a friend for the stand? He uses ubuntu, but he's not what
you call a linux power user... He can explain things about linux and
ubuntu though.

2006/11/15, Jan Claeys <ubuntu at janc.be>:
> Op woensdag 15-11-2006 om 19:13 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Peter
> Dedecker:
> > How about the Ghent Computer Fair?  Is there something needed?  I live
> > in Ghent, so if you want something from here...
> I still have Mark's box with Ubuntu stuff + most of the ubuntu-be stock
> of "edgy" CDs.  I'm not sure if I will come myself that Sunday (also
> depends on how many other people will come to help?), so _maybe_ I'll
> need some place to drop this stuff sometime next week at someones
> place...
> I'll also check how many flyers are left, so that you know whether you
> (or someone else) have to make some more.  :)
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> Jan Claeys
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