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Mark Van den Borre mvdborre at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 13:30:30 GMT 2006

2006/11/1, Guillaume Desmottes <cass at skynet.be>:
> > You have maybe seen in UDN #16 [1] the winner [2] of the poster
> > competition [3].
> > It really looks great and i'm sure than you too would love to have one
> > on the wall of your room. :)
> First answers were positive so let's do it! :)
> People seems to agree it's a better idea to make our own translation of
> the poster.
> I asked on the forum for the source. When we'll have it we'll can start
> the translation.
Let us know when you receive it. I'm interested, and I'm certainly not
the only one!

> So, how can we funding these posters?
Why not start with simple colour laser A3 prints? There are quite a
few copy centers where you can do that for < 1€/page.

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