[Ubuntu-be] Edition of pages "Accueil" and "Support" (fr)

Lionel Dricot ploum at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 29 21:36:51 BST 2006

I suggest (you may disagree) that when we make big change on the site,
we post a brief changelog here on the list so :

- people with same language can check the change
- others can update their translation.

So, here's the first one :

- Wrote the text for the main fr page (accueil). Pictures needed
- Wrote the text for the support fr page (support). Picture needed and
maybe is it time to use the wonder that our Google Map Master is working
on :-)

Good night


PS : we need also a translation-master for each language. He will be
responsible to keep up-to-date the translation of one language. I
propose myself for french if nobody else want to do it. (I read english
and dutch better than I speak). If you want to take this place, you are
welcome to take it instead of me :-)

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