[Ubuntu-be] Breezy visibility

Laurent moky.math at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 12:53:29 GMT 2006

       Hi everyone !

   I just suscribe to the mailing list; so I don't know weither the 
subject was yet discussed.

    We should start our project to spam Breezy install and live CD to 
the public. For instance : distribute a box of pressed CD's in computer 
shop (or other shops). For this, I suppose that the best is to write a 
little belgian-specific text which explains how to get help for 
installation. This text will be distributed with the CD.
    Something like that (times three languages) :

    Hello belgian people ! This is a Free software (in the sense of 
freedom[don't stranslate this precision into french !]) pocket. Three 
functionalities :
1. insert the  " live CD " into your Windows computer and install some 
windows-designed free software as OpenOffice, Gimp, FireFox,...
2. insert the "live CD" and restart your computer. Then Linux starts 
without being installed on your hard drive. It allows you to see the 
beast, touch him and get back to you initial configuration by just 
restart your PC.
3. insert the "install CD" and plainly enter in the free world !

    If you have any problems, please contact us. The ubutu belgian team 
can freely (in the sense of money ;) ) help you. Here are some adresses :

    The part [adresses] can be function of where is the CD distributed. 
We should ask to local Linux users group if they are ok to get calls 
«help me ! Ubuntu-be gave me CD and I'm not able to perform the 

    I think the Louvain Li-nux group is ok (are you, Ploum ?). I can 
contact the others.
    As I live in Bruxelles and work at Louvain-la-Neuve, I can 
distribute CD's  in these regions. I especially think to la Mediatheque 
: altough they are not a computer shop, they are Linux-users !

   Wath do you think about all that ? How to get boxes ? (I know  how to 
get CD's, but not the wonderful boxe that Ploum shown us at FOSDEM)

By the way : is there a list of belgian ubuntu and/or linux groups ?

Have a nice day
Laurent aka Moky

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