[Ubuntu-be] Meeting IRL ?

Cedric Janssens decirc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 17:01:51 GMT 2006

I totally refuse meeting in real life.... until you are ill :)
I've contacted people who organised/were present officially in the last
Breezy Party and I've got some useful information to transmit.
We will probably have the opportunity to organize the Dapper Party at the
same place, near the Grand-Place of Brussels.
As there are no chance to have pressed CD, I have the opportunity to burn
them on printable cd and to print a cover on it (very nice look).
Of course those cd have to be paid somewhere by someone :( :( :(
But a spindle of 100 cd costs 20 euros
A pack of 100 paper sleeves cost about 3 euros
There are still the price of ink for printing, but not too expensive.
I don't want to propose cd for sell... I'm not able to cover the cost of all
the stuff....
Hard choice... as I never went into the space... and didn't win

So if we have to meet, I find also Brussels is a good choice.


2006/3/20, François Schoubben <fsc at info.fundp.ac.be>:
> Hello,
> It seems we'll get 6 weeks more to be ready. It's now June 1 :
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseSchedule
> I think it could be interesting to meet IRL to go further with the
> WebSite. It's always difficult, I think, to cooperate only by e-mails
> when we don't know each other, and 2 or 3 hours could help us to have a
> site less "umpty" than now :-). Yes it works with Open-Source projects
> in general, but with a "big leader doing a lot of work for it"...
> I tried to work on the french part of the site yesterday (within a big
> flu, so i didn't write a lot), and i thought it's hard to do "what we
> said", because it's "exploded" in my mailbox (even threaded, it's hard
> to find what i was searching for), so be the 4 or 5 interested in this
> website could boost us (and it's a good opportunity to have beer ;-) ).
> It could also be a meeting with everybody, to prepare the Dapper-fest :-)
> I can have rooms in Namur, but Brussels seems more right to me. It could
> be very interesting to have a network acces (and beer)...
> Anybody interested ?
> --
> F.
> P.S. If it's too confused, i'm sorry, but still deep in my influenza :-(
> --
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