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Francois Schoubben fsc at info.fundp.ac.be
Sat Mar 4 13:40:03 GMT 2006

Bertrand Rousseau a écrit :

>On 3/4/06, Francois Schoubben <fsc at info.fundp.ac.be> wrote:
>>Jan Claeys a écrit :
>>>Op vr, 03-03-2006 te 13:47 +0100, schreef Pierre Buyle:
>>>>CMS Made Simple and Plone have been proposed as CMS. I proposed myself
>>>>for webmastering but I don't have any plone/python experience, so
>>>>Plone is probably not a solution if I'm the one to maintain it.
>>>>Anyway, it's probably too much for our needs. I don't know about CMS
>>>>Made Simple but it seems ok for the job. However I think we may also
>>>>look at Joomla! (community fork from Mambo - www.joomla.org). I hope
>>>>to be able to try test installations of Joomla! and CMS-MS this week
>>>IMHO both Plone & Joomla are "40 ton trucks" while we probably only need
>>>a small "camionette" to "transport" our content...
>>When i talked about Plone, it was specially for his multilingual
>>infrastructure :
>>I think it will be our most complex problem : to keep our content
>>unified in 3+ languages.
>>And i think we will not change of website infrastructure in the future,
>>it's too time consuming to do it (in NamurLUG, we think about this for 4
>>years now, and it's only becoming slowly reality :-) ).
>>Here are the choices i see :
>>* play with static HTML : the webmasters will be under heavy charge (not
>>an option for me [NAOFM])
>>* play with generated HTML (wml or so) : the webmasters will be the only
>>one to understand how to change the site (NAOFM)
>>* play with a CMS and 1 tree for each language, we will need a guy to
>>keep list of pages to translate (why not, but it's hard to do this job).
>>Maybe write a php routine for that CMS that check this periodicaly,
>>boring tasks are what computers are made for. But creating routines (if
>>it does not exists elsewhere) is not so easy work, to be maintained (and
>>documented, nobody's here forever).
>I don't think we'll have that many pages to maintain, I mean not an
>unmanageable amount. We need a quick an easy way to edit the website,
>and I fear that we'll lose time if we have to invest in plone. Every
>contributor should be able to quickly add information to the website,
>without having first to learn the internals of a particular CMS. IMHO,
>let's keep this simple, let's play with something like CMSMS.

I'm ok with something other than plone, especially as i won't be the 
maintainer. I'm looking for arguments around features and as i know 
plone, it's normal for me to refere to that :-)

What i think is essential, it's ease of use for reader/publisher, 
according to me, the "hard part" must be reserved for the webmaster(s).

It must be easy to write new pages. Is CMSMS easy to use (anybody used 
it really ? i tried it  a little bit via 
http://opensourcecms.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=452 )

Most of all, will it seems "professionnal" talking about translations ?

The numer of page will be small, i agree. But will it still be in 2 
years ? [Maybe i'm too optimistic :-) ]

Functionnaly talking (trying to be products agnostic :-) ):
Must we have :
 + search the site ? I think yes, as i hope that in 4 years, we may have 
quite  a lot of press releases. 
 + Will we want some permissions for pages to write  ? I think yes, as 
we want to be professionnal, i thin
  + RSS ?
 + Front-page describing Ubuntu-be (not a blog or news/event one)  ? If 
yes, i think
     * News in short on the front-page
     * Event in short on the front-page
  A site MUST change often to be visited (all studies i read says that)

Pages proposed (copy&paste from ploum)

- First page : a little welcome word in three or four languages.

For each language :

- Main page : What is Ubuntu and Ubuntu-be
- Announcement and presse release
- How to acquire Ubuntu (download and shipit)
- Ubuntu support (with links to a forum, IRC chan)
- Contact us

That's, IMHO, the most important things we need to have for the Dapper
release. I agree with Jan that Dapper must be our priority goal.

What is missing but, IMHO, not a priority for Dapper ?

- A ressources list. (if you agree with this idea of course).
- Belgian Ubuntu Howto (someone raises this great idea during the
meeting. Maybe it must be in Ubuntu support ? )

- a planet. Not sure we need one but it's always funny  ;-) 


My point of view

+ I do belive a single language page is better (not to have to search across other languages), but it's not a big problem (http://www.disney.be/ seems to use only one language but http://www.macdonalds.be/ and http://www.microsoft.be not)
+ I still make distinction between 
	* Event (place to be)
	* News (Something occured)
	* Press coverage (Something published) (good idea from DecIRC)
+ I agree with ressource list as i know people searching for that, and ressources list may contains subdivisions like Hardware, Vendors, Formations (better than province for me).
+ I agree with Belgian Howto, but must be synced with Ubuntu-de, Ubuntu-fr and Ubuntu-nl
+ Is planet interesting in this kind of "vitrine" site ? Maybe, but it must be clear that it's not "official points of view".

A wiki miss me to keep those in one place only ;-) Could'nt we use the 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam to sum this up ?

On the form now, I believe each page should be contained in one screen 
(1024x780). Average viewers don't like to scroll.
I haven't thought that much to this for now :-)

P.S. As you may have understood, I'm a plone lover :-) and yes, i think 
it may be used for small sites if hosting machine support 32-120Mo ram 
for it.

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