[Ubuntu-be] Website discussion

Francois Schoubben fsc at info.fundp.ac.be
Sat Mar 4 11:56:13 GMT 2006

Jan Claeys a écrit :

>Op vr, 03-03-2006 te 13:47 +0100, schreef Pierre Buyle:
>>CMS Made Simple and Plone have been proposed as CMS. I proposed myself
>>for webmastering but I don't have any plone/python experience, so
>>Plone is probably not a solution if I'm the one to maintain it.
>>Anyway, it's probably too much for our needs. I don't know about CMS
>>Made Simple but it seems ok for the job. However I think we may also
>>look at Joomla! (community fork from Mambo - www.joomla.org). I hope
>>to be able to try test installations of Joomla! and CMS-MS this week
>IMHO both Plone & Joomla are "40 ton trucks" while we probably only need
>a small "camionette" to "transport" our content...
When i talked about Plone, it was specially for his multilingual 
infrastructure :

I think it will be our most complex problem : to keep our content 
unified in 3+ languages.

And i think we will not change of website infrastructure in the future, 
it's too time consuming to do it (in NamurLUG, we think about this for 4 
years now, and it's only becoming slowly reality :-) ).

Here are the choices i see :
* play with static HTML : the webmasters will be under heavy charge (not 
an option for me [NAOFM])
* play with generated HTML (wml or so) : the webmasters will be the only 
one to understand how to change the site (NAOFM)
* play with a CMS and 1 tree for each language, we will need a guy to 
keep list of pages to translate (why not, but it's hard to do this job). 
Maybe write a php routine for that CMS that check this periodicaly, 
boring tasks are what computers are made for. But creating routines (if 
it does not exists elsewhere) is not so easy work, to be maintained (and 
documented, nobody's here forever).
* play with Linguaplone, Webmaster must learn how to play with plone 
(and documented, nobody's here forever :-) ) .
* play with a CMS knowing translation problems (i don't know about 
them... do you know some ? does CMS-MS, joomla, others know about this ?)

Do you see other solutions ?
Do you think it will not be a problem  ?

Talking about hosting, I don't think Ubuntu.com have thought of offering 
space for locale communities.

A friend of mine (Seb, are you here ? ) installed me a plone instance 
with Linguaplone, and it's quite simple and efficient out of the box 
(but behind a Firewall, i'll try to configure apache to show you; Pierre 
B could see it).

BTW, I'm not a plone guru (but i know some :-) ) and i don't propose 
myself as webmaster...

François Schoubben

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