[Ubuntu-be] getting your share of the (first part of) the mass CD shipment

François Schoubben fsc at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Jun 30 10:44:55 BST 2006

Mark Van den Borre a écrit :
> Hi all,
> If you want to get a few pressed CD's from the mass shipment, here's
> where the 800 Ubuntu and 100 Edubuntu CD's are or will be soon:
> * Gent, openminds.be, 280 Ubuntu CD's
> * Antwerpen, memovzw.be, 140 Ubuntu CD's (from +- next thursday)
> * Leuven, Noormannenstraat 113, 140 Ubuntu CD's (don't hesitate to
> come here if you speak FR!) and 100 Edubuntu CD's
> * fr_be: 280 CD's go to François Schoubben's brother who regularly
> visits multiple fr_be cities and will distribute them further
> Please realise that doing a perfect job in this is impossible. This is
> not software development. No unlimited undo. I'm not a logistics pro
> at all, but learning valuable lessons already...
> Mark

That's already a great job, just to have contact and obtaind those CD 
from Canonical, and to have pre-dispatched them so efficiently is really 
great too.

One suggestion, for next time, you could have give 10 Edubuntu CD's, so 
sub-dispatcher could have distributed them directly too ;-)

And the undo are more or less feasable, it's just more expensive (fuel) 
and time consuming :-)

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