[Ubuntu-BD] offtopic help!!!! helpp!!!!! china mobile pc suite issue

Shabab Mustafa shabab at linux.org.bd
Fri Nov 5 19:33:56 GMT 2010

 On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 11:00 PM, Rajeshwar <rmcooldude282 at gmail.com> wrote:

> what!!!!!!!!!
> that means there are pc suit in case of linux too.....................
> i dint knew this.
> thanks by the way for spending time on this

Actually here we need to know what is PC Suite first. PC Suite is a bundle
application. It comes with driver and some utility software. The driver part
communicate with the phone device. And the utility software manage the data
that is being communicating via drivers. So the channel is like, Phone
hardware > Driver > Utility

And as I mentioned earlier, PC Suite comes with Driver + Utility. On the
other hand, for most of the hardware drivers come built-in.

So the think is:
PC Suite comes with Driver + Utility
Linux comes with only  Driver.

Bottom line:
Coming with driver and coming with PC Suite is not the same thing. Don't say
anyone that Linux comes with 'PC Suite', either they will laugh or will
think you are a liar. :-|

Shabab Mustafa
Liaison Person
Ubuntu Bangladesh

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