[Ubuntu-BD] Blua meeting irc

Shahriar Tariq shahriar at linux.org.bd
Thu Mar 12 06:58:58 GMT 2009

On 3/12/09, Ashiqur Rahman Angel <angel at linux.org.bd> wrote:
> I know, this does not look good to say at last time. But 10 PM is very
> normal time for load shading in Dhaka. Why don´t we do it at 12 AM?

because not everyone is night bird like us....

I called it at 10pm for it will be break time for most of the people. even
those who are working online at home..... (dinner break..)

besides if anyone misses any part they can check back on irc log.

or they can join back on post meeting discussion on Saturday 14th,  12am on
the same irc channel......

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