[Ubuntu-BD] FYI: Ubuntu ready netbooks in Dhaka

Tarin Mahmood mrlinux045 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 16:36:51 GMT 2009

Why bother?! I've tried this ... didn't like it much. there are many other
netbooks available. If you really intent to buy one, buy Lenova, or  Asus
EEE, much better options, they both are quiet Ubuntu/Linux ready,
Specifications are much clearer. and certainly much good looking then this

As far I remember there are 3 configs available, lowest is 24k, highest 28k.
Point to note is that they do have more RAM (1.5GB against 1GB)
for the sake of comparision, One of Lenova's netbook is 36k, EEE 24k to 48k

and you should use a lighter desktop, GNOME/KDE is going to be painful.


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