[Ubuntu-BD] Problem Regarding Kubuntu 9.04 and VLC Player

maSnun masnun at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 15:27:40 BST 2009

> > I downloaded the package from the UEC Pack Google Code project where VLC
> was
> > supposed to be packed up with dependencies. I saw someone reporting that
> > package installed and was running successfully on Kubuntu 9.04.
> From what I see, VLC is not included in UEC-pack.


>> > ---------------------------
> >> > masnun at ubuntu:~$ '/media/Masnun/Ubuntu/VLC Player 0.9.9a/install.sh'
> This output is confusing. Did you copy install.sh file from UEC-pack
> folder to the VLC Player 0.9.9a folder? If you did it will never work.
> Do not move files from installer randomly. You must run or double
> click install.sh from within the UEC-pack folder. Not somewhere else.

The install.sh file was in the same directory where the "deb" directory was.

>> > [sudo] password for masnun:
> >> > dpkg: error processing deb/*.deb (--install):
> >> >  cannot access archive: No such file or directory
> >> > Errors were encountered while processing:
> >> >  deb/*.deb
> This is why you are getting this error. Because you do not have deb
> folder in the VLC Player 0.9.9a folder.

Yes I have. The full path of install.sh  is  F:\Ubuntu\VLC Player
And the full path to the "deb" directory is F:\Ubuntu\VLC Player 0.9.9a\deb
The path is in windows as you can see.

>> > Then I manually tried clicking and installing the debian packages. Most
> >> of
> >> > them installed except a few. I am confused. Help me out. Can't enjoy
> >> > multimedia features... :-(
> Debian package that depends on another package must be installed after
> the required package. When a package install fails, it tells you why
> it failed. There you'll see which package you need to install before
> this package can be installed. Note carefully, those packages and
> install them first. Then try again your package.

On my Kubuntu, it just says that an error encountered. No specific details
in the GUI. Should I try any other command from shell to install
individually ?


Abu Ashraf Masnun
Grad Student, BBA,
Khulna University.

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