[Ubuntu-BD] Linus Torvalds Switched Back To Gnome

Shahriar Tariq shahriar at linux.org.bd
Tue Jan 27 21:45:51 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 2:30 AM, Ashiqur Rahman Angel <angel at linux.org.bd>wrote:

> the general design of the Environment itself seems a little too much like a
> Vista (Widgets) and Mac (Theme) clone and this isn´t what Linux was
> originally designed to be, a clone.
I don't think its becoming Vista theme or Mac Widgets like. its just moving
to a direction that I think is good in overall condition.

whether you agree or not most of the user base (including you & me) like
dark theme, black is playing safe (though different people might want to see
some different dark colors (like I would really like to see dark blood red

Take Widgets as future standard in os. Though they might seem desktop
clutters I really like the option (flexibility & functionality) they
provides. One access info (or one access apps/commands etc)

We might want to be different true, but that does not mean overlooking
future standards (like gnome is doing). Besides these things also ensure
better user transition and better multi-platform user experience. (many
users switching from Windows vista or Mac os will be lost in gnome
environment). KDE is trying to make a bridge to all these os-s.

today I was reading an argument about how Ubuntu represents About Ubuntu
Abount Gnome option. There is discussion going on to switch to "About this
now many people are saying this move may result in loosing "Uniqueness" and
will make Ubuntu more like "Windows" or "Mac OS". that is true however this
change will be welcomed by many. Since that has become Standard, and it will
provide more user friendly experience (by providing one access information
about the system).

I quote from that discussion

> * The "don't be an open-source Windows" argument is used a lot to oppose
> new features that resemble something that exists in Windows. I agree that
> Ubuntu should follow its own path, but at the same time, it should be able
> to learn from others' mistakes. Interoperability is a major issue when
> switching operating systems and this is one of those small things that makes
> administration a little easier for everyone, especially when coming from
> other operating systems. Just because Windows/Mac/Amiga/etc. has something
> similar, we shouldn't deny our users and help desk people an easier method
> of getting system info simply because we want to be different. Different is
> good, but as Gregg mentions, it's more of a UI standard, and ditching it for
> the sole purpose of being different is kind of silly. RossPeoples<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RossPeoples>

> And I think, KDE 4 is the fact that they are going to break, the easy
> usability and user friendly design of the Linux operating system. KDE is now
> starting to demand more from the computer hardware in order to run, for
> example KDE 4.2 would not run on a computer with an 800MHz processor, less
> than 64MB of video, and 128MB of memory, where GNOME easily would.

sadly this is true.... But I think the feature it's providing makes up these

> And the KDE has always made programs look more integrated with the Desktop
> Environment than as separate programs, and this kind of behaviour is more
> confusing and takes away more from the usability than it adds. Additionally,
> the KDE team have designed their own replacements for programs, so that they
> integrate better, nice, but when there is something already out there, it
> would probably be better, particularly for compatibility reasons, to use it
> instead, and just modify, add and remove features.
> Fedora -- Freedom² and rapid innovation

I don't think kde 4 is making it less user friendly, in fact I think just
the opposite...

and all in all give some time, it will improve over time.

Can u tell me the size of download and how much disk space kde 4.2 will
> take?
> And how do i install kde 4.2 in interpid do i hav to reload package manager
> and how do i know i am installing this release not beta?

you should have found out the answer by yourself by now :P
any way......

Although kde 4.2 is released its not yet officially released for Kubuntu
8.10 (and I think it will take a longer time to come into intrepid). Its
added to jaunty already.

however if you still want to try kde 4.2 you need to try with Kubuntu
Experimental repo (which is high risk Repo (not officially supported by

first your system needs to be up-to-date. then

then add this repo to your source.lst (warning again, experiment at your own

> deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main

reload & upgrade/update

I need to download 172MB to upgrade to kde 4.2 can't say about you......

my internet line sucks that's why taking so long....

Thanking you

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