[Ubuntu-BD] Linus Torvalds Switched Back To Gnome

Ashiqur Rahman Angel angel at linux.org.bd
Tue Jan 27 20:30:33 GMT 2009

I ve to say, and I might get some criticism for this but I think that lately
the KDE team version by version ve been taking large steps in the wrong
direction. They ve been doing a good job at making a Desktop Environment
that feels almost invisible, but the general design of the Environment
itself seems a little too much like a Vista (Widgets) and Mac (Theme) clone
and this isn´t what Linux was originally designed to be, a clone.

And I think, KDE 4 is the fact that they are going to break, the easy
usability and user friendly design of the Linux operating system. KDE is now
starting to demand more from the computer hardware in order to run, for
example KDE 4.2 would not run on a computer with an 800MHz processor, less
than 64MB of video, and 128MB of memory, where GNOME easily would.

And the KDE has always made programs look more integrated with the Desktop
Environment than as separate programs, and this kind of behaviour is more
confusing and takes away more from the usability than it adds. Additionally,
the KDE team have designed their own replacements for programs, so that they
integrate better, nice, but when there is something already out there, it
would probably be better, particularly for compatibility reasons, to use it
instead, and just modify, add and remove features.

I, myself a big fan of KDE 4. But I am really not liking this ¨cloning
thing¨, any more.

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