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Shabab Mustafa shabab.mustafa at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 21:50:45 GMT 2009

TV program has some Pros and Cons.

*Pros: *
1. Definitely it can reach people.
2. Some how it has more appeal than newspaper
3. TV program may include extra importance in the process of and make people
think about something.
4. More people has TV than PC
5. It does not requires high speed internet

1. Those who has a TV and don't have a PC will not be that much benefited by
these programs
2. TV program is a continuous thing and have poor documentation
opportunities. One cannot pause or replay anything that broadcast in TV.
While newspaper enables better archiving facilities (paper cutting
3. Even the TV channels categorises its time. When the most of the people
watches the TV is called 'Prime time'. It is expensive and very difficult to
manage a Prime time slot. If the channel broadcasts the Program in 5PM in
the evening or 11 AM in the morning, definitely it cannot reach our targeted
audiences except 'Ammu' and 'Aunties'. (even they are interested to watch
TVC and Serial recaps in that time :P )
4. Practically, once upon a time BTV used to show some Photoshop Tutorials.
And honestly speaking I never benefited from those tutorials. Because, I
don't have photographic memory and I couldn't remember the processes after
the program.

The bottom line: It is not a question that are we ready for TV Programs? (I
believe we have the ability). The question is, Will it earn the effect that
we are expecting?

I got another idea. People do see TV news and they take it seriously. And
also News is a Prime Time event. So, If we can arrange a Festival, like
'Linux Fest', and invite the journalists, both TV and printing media,
arrange some kind of press conference and can convince/lobby for the
broadcast it with importance, that will be much more effective than a TV

And we have the fresh, recent example of it. "The faster than Google" search
engine got famous and well known overnight by that way. What do you think?
If that had broadcasted in a IT Program was able to reach people in that
quantity? I doubt!

Shabab Mustafa
Chief Administrative Officer
Admin Office
CapsLock Corporates

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