[Ubuntu-BD] Message of Bug, Remove it.

Lenin doctortomorrow at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 17:51:49 GMT 2009

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 11:26 PM, Nasimul Haque <nasim.haque at gmail.com>wrote:

> There are some problems about your thoughts.
> > 1. We haven't reached at the  perfect time for TV program:
> >  If we ask to ourself, how much time we expand to see TV programs of
> > Bangladesh.The answer is not good at all. Rather than we will like to see
> > video from Youtube. So, if we make 10 minutes clips of 6 in number(even
> > through our mobile camera) and post it to youtube, that will be more
> > fruitfull than the TV program.
> People who watches youtube, most of them already know about Linux.
> Yes, youtube channel in BANGLA is a very attractive and good place to
> promote Linux. But, the TV program is for the mass communication about
> Linux. TV still has very much influence in people's life, since only a
> few people have access to the internet.

I completely agree to this. People who dont have PC has TV. Do you really
know who dont have a TV? Or, you dont have imagination power beyond what you
TV is a mass media, it is much more audience than newspaper.

Tell me how many ppl have enough transfer rate to watch YouTube.. Where do
you live?

I have really brilliant ideas regarding holding interactive programs in TV,
which can really popularize not only linux but also FOSS movement. There's
NO alternative to this. If you want to promote FOSS in other media then do
it. But tell me just ONE reason why you think TV media is not ready? Are we
at the NINETEETH century? Its not too hard to realize, please think up.

If you cant make a movement(which is good), then encourage others but dont
stand against it.

> > 2. We should organise* short presentation* of about 2 hours at various
> > educational institutes (Secondary School, College, Universities), and
> after
> > the presentation We need to give them prizes on the quiz of our topic.
> that
> > will be very attractive to them. Various organisations who use computer
> > randomly, can be our target.
> This one is a good proposal. In the beginning of Ubuntu-BD there were
> some presentations at different institutions. I don't know why it has
> been stopped.

Well, it hasn't stopped. BLUA and Ubuntu-BD is arranging programs at
different University on every release of Ubuntu. I have organized Karmic
Event at IBAIS.


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