[Ubuntu-BD] Problem regarding netbeans

Sharmin Akter jui at 6zap.com
Sat Aug 15 04:05:49 BST 2009

I've installed netbeans from repositories. But as my computer is quite old with 1GB ram & amd turion 64 2.0Ghz processor,it slowed my computer down cause I've installed the full package from repositories.But now I want to only install the C language and the netbeans IDE. So is there any way to do so? I've downloaded something from netbeans official website. It's saying "netbeans-6.7.1-ml-cpp-linux.download" and 30MB in size. I thought that it would be a .deb file. But it's not. I can't do anything with that. Now can you tell me a way to install netbeans with only C support? I don't have any problem with 3rd party software. So using repositories is not a must. Looking forward to your cooperation.

With best wishes-
Sharmin Akter Jui

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